We have not had enough of experts.

The 2016 fashion in politics has been to disregard experts, whose evidence-based views do not support the views of the listener or reader. This is a very dangerous development.

Financial Services has generated its own pool of experts. Some of these experts are both willing and able to share their knowledge, not for private wealth creation, but also to raise standards,  share insight, and ensure that participants in the wider economy benefit.

The same pool of experts are willing to challenge and disrupt existing business models, where these may include conflicts; may not be in the best interests of, or provide best value, for clients.

In financial services and asset management, the ‘trust gap’ has never been wider. We must put the provision of expertise and excellence ahead of profit or market share, to regain that trust.

It may be an unattainable goal, but Financial Services providers should aim to have the same approval ratings of medical doctors, lawyers or teachers.

LIO seeks to give advice and provide management expertise to this exacting standard.