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Paul Dixon

Paul DixonFounder


Paul Dixon has over 25 years’ experience working in Asset Management and Investment Banking in London, New York and elsewhere.

Starting in 1987 with six years at MHL (now part of JP Morgan), then nine years at Merrill Lynch, Paul traded a wide range of financial and derivative products in both Fixed Income and Equity Markets. Paul also held senior roles in Global Financial Risk Management, and in what became known as ‘FinTech’.

Paul moved across to the Asset Management business in 2004. He has spent the last 12 years managing Assets and financial risk for large Life Insurance businesses. His last position was as CIO at Guardian Assurance, purchased by Cinven for c. £300 million in 2012, and sold in 2016 for £1.6 billion.


Mark PSenior Advisor

Senior Advisor

Mark joined MHL (now part of JP Morgan) and managed significant derivative and fixed income businesses from 1987-94, by which time it had become Chemical Bank. Mark moved on to run Derivatives Trading at CIBC before assuming the role of CEO of CIBC World Markets PLC, running investment banking in EMEA.He then took the role of CEO of the Products and Markets division at Lloyds Bank, as well as Co-Head of Corporate Markets, before its acquisition of HBOS in 2008. Mark left Lloyds in 2008 to run a portfolio of executive and consulting roles. Most recently he restructured and then sold the City Index business for $118m on behalf of IPGL, Michael Spencer’s private company. He was then CEO of Exotix, another restructuring role; and a senior non-executive Director at Guardian Assurance, chairing its investment committee until its sale in 2016. Mark is currently a Non-Exec at West Bromwich BS, and ETX.

Matthew PSpecial Advisor

Special Advisor

Matthew P has over 20 years’ experience in Asset Management and Investment Banking. Starting at Banque Paribas in 1994, Matthew traded and managed wide variety of financial products and portfolios in both liquid and complex derivative markets. Matthew joined Merrill Lynch in 1999 where he was responsible for the complex equity derivatives businesses in London.

Moving to Asset Management in 2005,  Matthew has managed a wide range of asset classes, both directly and externally managed. These have included Gilts, Securitised Assets, Corporate Bonds, Credit Derivatives, Commercial Property Debt and Infrastructure investments. Mat has a deep understanding of the requirements of Insurance Companies, Pension Funds and Long-term investors.

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Simon B-SSpecial Advisor

Special Advisor

Simon B-S has worked in top-tier Asset Management for the past 20 years.

An Oxford graduate, Simon has held senior investment risk and performance analytics roles at MLIM/Blackrock, Aviva and Guardian. Simon build and managed a proprietary credit performance attribution system in his last role that is top-tier and possibly unmathced in top-tier fixed income asset management.

Simon has a wide range of experience across all asset classes.


Mark BSpecial Advisor

Special Advisor

Mark B has over 25 years’ experience in Asset Management.

Mark specialises in the COO division of Asset Management, with a particular expertise in the Operational Due Diligence (‘ODD’) of external managers. In [2000] Mark set-up and developed the ODD function at one of the world’s leading fund-of-fund managers, having some $30 billion under management. The processes implemented here have become a ‘gold-standard’ for ODD.

Mark joined Guardian Assurance in 2014-15 to successfully implement this standard of ODD over its external managers.